A couple of things on my mind.

Some people have made really good suggestions with regards to regulating gun licensing that does not prevent the right to own a firearm.   I hope it all works out.

I struggle to understand why and how the right to own a gun is more important than the lives of citizens.   It’s almost as if some laws we’re  designed as a means to reduce the population. 

The more I learn, the more scary it gets, what happens in America tends to be copied here. 

We also have children as young as 8yrs old who walk around with double barrel miniature rifles killing people.  It was worse before covid lockdown.  Every week there was a funeral.


A friend I know is also going through a similar illness that Justin Bieber is going through, but his also losing his eyesight in the one eye.

People have also said it was an effect of the vaccine he took.  

I also get paralysis but mine is not the same. It comes and goes on its own. 

I can’t blame the vaccine because I didn’t get it.  I do have a serious amino acid, enzyme and vitamin deficiency that I am trying to recover from, but I’m living with a toxic person who keeps sabotaging my efforts.  

I know my paralysis is caused by nutrient deficiencies because there are periods when I try to get in as much of the specific nutrients as possible when Mr toxic is not around and it works.  

Then I am healthy and fully functioning for a month or two, but then it relapses again because I’m not consistent with the nutrient therapy.  

One doctor even told me to my face that I was starving.  I think she meant to say nutrient deficient.

I don’t know what the components of the vaccines are, but there is a possibility that some people will get horrible side effects from it in terms of other illnesses.  Sometimes its caused by external factors. 

Any how whining about vaccines won’t help anyone.  It only helps before taking it.

The common factor that I’ve come across in all of these illnesses that cause paralysis is neuron damage.

Because the brain has a built-in barrier, there is not many options available.

The only thing I know of that is effective at helping to heal brain injuries are real Amino Acids from real food & Real Vitamin B complex from real food.  Fish and seafood provides the best bio available and digestible vitamin B complex that I know of. 

Beetroot & Rosemary both release medicinal properties that are not limited by the brain barrier.  Perhaps it is because the brain uses fats and carbs as energy. I don’t know. All I know is that it does work.  

Pure Codliver oil also excellent for recovery from brain injuries.

Oral magnesium, magnesium baths and natural electrolytes such as coconut water is also excellent for the nervous system, the brain, the organs, to balance the blood sodium, bicarbonate, potassium and water levels in the blood, to reduce pain and to relax sore muscles and feet.

Music therapy is also excellent at helping with brain recovery.  Again I don’t know the specifics, but after I was revived from a near death experience I suffered temporary memory loss for awhile and just listening to the radio helped me regain my memory.  Apparently it has been researched and it’s a actual treatment option now because it works.  Go figure.

Sleep also good for the brain.

Then anti- inflammatories both drug and natural anti inflammatories do the same thing.  Natural one’s just take longer to see results.  Sometimes we need more immediate relief and other times we can be patient.

As for antivirals and antibiotics and antibacterials.  These are very dangerous especially pharmacutical  drugs because sometimes things go horribly wrong when things react in conflict with natural body organisms.  No one can guarantee that it is safe.   This is where people need to do their own research gain knowledge about available products to make informed decisions. 

When it come to those I go for natural antivirals, antibiotics and antibacterials.  I have done the pharmacutical drugs but they nearly killed me 3 times.  I’m just not built for it.  I’m like a Mustang Sally that can only work with original parts, but perhaps the  technologically advanced drugs work better on the technologically advanced generations. 

Sometimes doctors prescribe the wrong types to the wrong people for the wrong symptoms also. So you have to really know your stuff.

As much as they should be accountable I also understand that they are not chemists and often don’t really know enough about the medications they prescribe. 

Oh yes, self esteem. We can not blame others for our own lack of self esteem.  

The world is full of shitty toxic people just waiting to pounce and tear us down.  It’s up to us as individuals to develop resilience, to work on our own self esteem and to get rid of the toxic people in our lives if we can do so.

I talk to much.  I’m tired of me and social media.  Stop harming people, so I can rest.

Things that are better than smartphones kids.


I’d love to show you some pics, but couldn’t find any freebies that capture the way things use to be.

This post is written for 2 reasons: 

  • Children are not being exposed to things where they can develop critical thinking and skills.
  • Many crafts, arts and hobbies are becoming absolete but there are less and less jobs available. It may be up to children to grow up and create their own jobs one day.  I’d like them to have at least one skill so they can survive.

If I had kids I would introduce them to some of these things so that they will have variety of creative and fun things to do and grow up resourceful when shit happens, instead of just being on cellphones and computers and binge eating all flippen day and night.

  1. Yo yo’s
  2. BMX racer bikes
  3. Race scooters
  4. Skateboards
  5. Roller skates/blades/ice skates
  6. Homemade go karts
  7. Hula hoops
  8. Marbles ironies
  9. 3 blikkies
  10. 10 klippies
  11. Kennetjie
  12. Blinnemol
  13. Chappies
  14. A slang wat nie syl nee
  15. Wolf wolf hoe laat is dit.
  16. Who stole the chicken
  17. Sling shots
  18. Water canons
  19. Tol spinning
  20. Stink bombs
  21. Ping pong
  22. Squash
  23. Nikkies 
  24. Volleyball
  25. Basketball
  26. Netball
  27. Baseball
  28. Cricket
  29. Soccer
  30. Tennis
  31. Table tennis
  32. Canoe paddling
  33. Kite festivals
  34. Camel rides
  35. Horse rides
  36. Free fall paragliding
  37. Snooker
  38. Domino’s
  39. Pool boards/kerem
  40. Dance groups
  41. Street festivals
  42. Live sports
  43. Brak en Jan
  44. 3 musketeers
  45. Out Groot bek shark
  46. Pinky and the Brain
  47. Simpsons
  48. Bugs Bunny
  49. Mexican mouse
  50. Speedy road runner
  51. Candy floss
  52. Fudge
  53. Frozen yogurt
  54. Ice creams
  55. Chocolate clusters
  56. Toffee apples
  57. Milkshake bompies
  58. Konfyt
  59. Hand woven fabrics
  60. Bespoke hat making
  61. Bespoke shoemaking
  62. Bespoke Corset making
  63. Theatre & film Costume making
  64. Haute Couture Dressmaking
  65. Homemade Car design and making/ pimp my ride street style
  66. Tailoring
  67. Shoe repairing
  68. Confectionery
  69. Pastry making
  70. Baking
  71. Cooking
  72. Toy making
  73. Tool making
  74. Ceramic molding
  75. Local Fishing
  76. Potjiekos
  77. Ouma Scottish shortbread
  78. Ouma chocolate cake
  79. Oumas scones
  80. Braaing
  81. Homemade musical instruments
  82. Drumming
  83. Non ivory organ piano
  84. Homemade wine making
  85. Cartoon drawing
  86. Comedy writing
  87. Screen printing
  88. Stenciling
  89. Handmade needlework
  90. Glass making
  91. Architecture
  92. Theatrical plays
  93. Authentic Grasshopper moccasin shoes/sneakers
  94. Authentic Brazilian sole sneakers
  95. Calvin Klein butt hugging jeans
  96. Cashmere jerseys
  97. Baseball jackets
  98. Wages were paid in Cash
  99. Boys and girls had the guts to ask each other out physically.
  100. Phones that you could tap out a telephone number even if the phone was locked and make free calls.

Mind Sweep


A couple of things I want to get off my mind.

  1.  I don’t require a whole spam audience of marketers.  I know they are just trying to get a sale as are most of us, but let customers come to you.  Don’t bounty Hunt them down.
  2. Everytime I write about a challenge, someone jumps on the be good bandwagon.  I admire the fairytale imagination, but you need to get over yourself.  I’m sorry if nobody has ever been kind to you, but that doesn’t mean all of us are villians.
  3. Someone’s husband keeps pitching up here to go and meet his mistress.  Wifey, if you’re reading please handle your business.  Where is your backbone lady?  You shelter this man, buy him food, clothes, drinks, fill up his tank and give him money to entertain his mistress.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Men don’t cheat because they are broken.  Stop deluding yourself with lies.

Men Cheat because they want to and some women give them the opportunity to do so.

Maybe he was infatuated with you and even believed that he loved you, but now he doesn’t even respect you.  Clearly the man doesn’t know the difference between love, in love and lust. His a waste of your energy.  He lacks integrity and value.

You should pay attention to women like Angelina Jolie, you could learn something that could save you lots of trauma, drama and money.

Not everyone is going to like you, but you don’t have to like everybody either. 

Know your self worth and never ever devalue yourself for the sake of someone else.

For the wound up stress balls who say that people who are kind are passive and avoid conflict.  Maybe people just don’t want to waste their energy on useless interaction and are preserving their reaction to conflicting situations that matters.

There are so many issues and crisis across the globe.  People are exhausted.  Nobody really has time for your tantrums and everyready battery that wants to constantly fight losing battles.

If you want to do something useful get rid of Bill Gates, the WHO and all the people that keep bombarding an already exhausted world population with viruses that are released purposely to scare people into buying pharmacutical drugs/vaccines that they don’t need.

Bill Gates reminds me of  Eugene Terreblanche a man who also kept on attacking the population and was later found tied up, naked and killed, possibly raped.  

Just a thought

Most of the resources crisis we are experiencing are created by non-natural methods to increase prices or create a market for a product.  

It’s not going to stop anytime soon, and masses of people are going to continue to be killed or die from unatural sources.

How you choose to deal with this situation is up to you.  I’m just throwing out some ideas to make your life and mine a little easier.

You don’t have to be played like a piece on a chest board.  You can make your own fuel and electricity and purify your own water.  You could even create small pockets of Bartering trade centres in your community where you can trade goods and services. It works just like a Supermarket or E-commerce like eBay, except you pay for the goods and services with goods and services instead of money. 

 This way you can utilize your money for the things you absolutely can not get otherwise like, rent, bonds, schooling, etc.

– Hemp or a few other agricultural products can be used to make fuel. 

– Agricultural waste can be used to make gas.

– Dynamo generators can be built from copper coils to generate electricity.

I’m not going to elaborate on the how’s because people have been killed for trying to help in the past and there are many theories that petroleum Giants like the Rockefeller empire had been involved.  

If you do your research you’ll find the answers.

I’m surrounded by people who don’t want to help themselves.  They want someone to give them stuff for free.  This post is not for them.  I don’t know what you call a person who’s constantly looking for handouts to buy liquor and Chase prosititues, but I’m tired of the hopelessness. 

Maybe the local government can create a rationed resource plant, that can be used to boost the local economy by supplying a little resources on a rationed based system just to help get business startups going and for poor people to find jobs, etc but they would be able to profit from any extra resources and services over the rationed system.

If people have basic resources it will reduce the excuses to live in poverty.

Some people however choose to live in poverty as some choose to be alcoholics, drug addicts and sex addicts.


Just when I think there may be a little hope I am awaken by a gut reaching blow to the stomach by news that 19 little kids were gunned down.

This isn’t the first or the second or even the third time such a tragic incident occurred.

From my observations on the pattern of behaviour in American society it seems that too many Americans have become desensitized to humanity.

The fact that some coward wants to not only harm defenseless little kids but kill them, indicates a deeper problem than racism, abortion, bullying.

A person would have to be psychologically cohersed and influenced to desensitized them from their natural human attributes such as the instinct to nurture and protect, to love, to care for, to empathize.

Similar to the methods used in military training to prepare troops for combat. Usually certain drugs are administered via foods or drinks or gas, and consistent and constant media messages are played or showed to military members to desensitized them.

It is easier to control a desensitized person and manipulate him to carry out tasks without him realising it.

Recreational drugs doesn’t desensitized people to human attibutes, so there is something else going on.  

True Mental disorders also doesn’t make a person react in such a specific manner.  So if it’s not recreational drugs and it’s not mental illness and it’s not racial conflict then it’s something else. I doubt that the coward even knew those kids.

How did civilians become desensitized?  It isn’t just the civilians, a while back there was a broadcasted interview of Barack Obama and the interviewer asked him about his opinion on drone bombs used by the US military service on civilians and he just grinned and admitted that sometimes drones kill civilians, as if the lives of civilians did not matter.

I haven’t heard or seen any thing like that from the current President but he must have access to information that can explain some of the strange behaviour occuring in America.

The whole Bill Gates agenda of trying to get Black people sterilised or to have abortions or forced vaccinations along with PR campaigns and promotions via businesses also attempts to desensitize and assault civilians?

Someone or Some people within America wants to cause societal distress or wants American civilians dead but why?  What is threatening that person or persons?

Countries at war are not interested in killing civilians. There goal is economic resources, power, trade and land. Military weapons are to expensive to target civilians.

Do attractiveness really matter


Why are attractive people single.  Maybe because they are full of it.  😁 Just joking.  It’s awkward to answer such a question without stepping on someone’s toes.

I think some people just get too wrapped up in attractiveness and may not be aware that they treat people like caged animals. 

When you’re 16 you want to be attractive, but when you’re a adult you want to be with the people that make you feel comfortable and  you want privacy.  Hope that makes sense.

Attractive people tend to interact with a common understanding toward each other.  They tease, laugh, argue like humans do.

People who are mismatched tend have a conflicting way of relating to each other.  One party will either agree with anything the other said and make no valid contribution to the conversation, or they’ll treat the person like a object or stalk and imprison the person.

That’s just my take on it based on my experience.  I think Justin Bieber has a better way of explaining it. It may seem shocking coming from a celebrity but what he says is true.

I recently had to deal with another crush who got rude and angry because I didn’t recipocate his feelings. I get this kind of response often, that and attempts of physical abuse.

I sometimes lock myself up because people that creep me out hang around me constantly and I can’t even take a shower or bath in peace.  I have to wait till it’s safe to do so. 

How you make someone feel is much more important than how attractively suitable the person is.  Attractiveness really depends on an individual’s perception.  If someone makes you feel good. I mean when you enjoy the company of a particular person, you’re more likely to find the person attractive.

Just a Question

Why is it so important to American Company owners for Black Females to have abortions?

That just seems so absurd for a business to get involved in what should be a personal issue for the individual.

I just read some else’s post whom basically asks the same question, but just in a more aggressive approach.  I guess his version has more bearing because his an American, but  I’m also wondering what the hell is going on over there if companies are trying to get Black Females to have abortions?

Are the people still okay?  I hope nobody is being held against their will in a dungeon or likes thereof.

What gives an employer the right to tell an employee to have an abortion?

It is strange that any company would get involved in personal issues such as abortion then have a whole PR campaign about it, emphasising Racial differences.

Even going so far as to state that employers will pay people’s transport to get abortions.

Are these employers aware that people are human beings despite racial differences.  Are they aware that people have the right to make their own choices about their reproductive health.

I don’t know, but this lobbying to have Black women abort their unborn children sounds like a racists thing.  Do employers then impregnant their employees that they would those employees to abort their children.  Is it a business in the day and a brothel at night.  How does it work?

How and why does people’s reproductive choices effect businesses, exactly?  

This is the most bizzare cause I’ve heard of.  It just sounds like a racists eugenics plot against black people.  Has the owner’s of Apple, Levi’s, etc. gone mad?  Is that what the PR campaign is really trying to tell the world.

What are the non-cohersed Black American Females views on this?

Why are there so many Americans afraid of Black people?   

What did they do?  Are they gaining control?  I don’t understand the fear?  The  urgent and intense action of fear against Black people is significant and irrational and so is the constant propeganda  of making every other country out to be the demon.

We know that statergy by now. The trying to create a reason to justify a plotted attack on a country that has been plan ahead.

There are a string of countries that has already been targeted with the same statergy. 

We know about the power struggle and trade War. What’s happing between China, America, Russia, Ukraine and Iran had been predicted many many many years ago. Old folk use to tell us about it. 

They spoke of 6 nation’s. So one still needs to make itself known, I’m guessing it will either be the UK or France because those were the ones mentioned in history books but I don’t know.  

They also said the China was going to be a world leader back when China was dirt poor. They also said a Black man will be the Boss when only white people could be president.  As kids we would laugh and think the old folk was loco, but so far they’ve been right about everything.  It’s so strange that the book of revelations also mentions something similar.


Could it perhaps be guilt that’s haunting those who wronged Black people.

Is it because their are too many wealthy Black business owners, actors, actressess, etc. who could have a greater impact on decisions about political issues and funding which could ruin white supremacy?

Is Janet Jackson and other celebrity females okay?  Are there children okay?  Can’t Oprah get Dr. Phil.  I think some Americans need some professional help or Jesus or something.  Then again, she associated with Jeffery Epstein.  She may need professional help herself.

The American sewists I intact with are perfectly same, so how come this is happening.  It makes no sense.

Mistake or intention

To me mistakes can be forgiven like accidentally throwing salt in someone’s coffee instead of sugar, but intentional harm like stealing state funds under a fraudulent tender is not forgivable or intentionally killing masses of people for self gain.  It’s criminal.

I may be a empathist but I’m no sucker for punishment.  I’ve been around the block a couple of times and even been on the other side of life.

There was no ticket box collecting, I owe you’s, Good deed slips, Bad deed slips or admission fees.

There was no forgiveness requests or presentations, lectures or checklists.

There wasn’t even a man with a stick, cloak and sheep.

There was a powerful white aura of spiritual light/energy that seemed to control everything and dead people who were alive. 

My perspective on forgiveness is…

If people are not held accountable for their actions which intentionally cause harm, they will never learn, nothing will change and people will keep suffering.  Just like the constant corruption in the South African Government.

I’m not a believer of the I must kill masses of people to shrink the population so I can have more resources, or I stole state money and left masses of people jobless, homeless and hungry dying on the streets but hey let’s sing kumbayah forgive me bullshit and payoff court officials and use public relations to get rid of any evidence and make people forget.

I’m a believer in the spiritual energy, nature, love (not the I need to be in a relationship to show people that I’m loved or worthy), just a unconditional love for everything in nature that does not harm including the only two people I know in this world who hasn’t intentionally caused me harm or suffering.

I believe in hate, anger, happiness, sadness, kindness, curiosity, play, learning from mistakes, growth, financial audits, investigations, forensics, autopsies, court judgements that revoke assets and auction them to redistribute the monies back into the state to fund shelters, job creation programs, etc.

I’m a believer in the judgements of maximum prison sentences and death penalties.  

And death penalties to me is the same as pet euthanasia.  It’s an option when their are none left. The difference between that and murder is the one entails the intention to cause harm and suffering and the other is an attempt to relieve suffering.

If someone intentionally harms someone for self gain then the person lacks awareness and reason in thinking a human function required to live in a society among others.  

There are no vaccine, medication or shock therapy that can give someone consciousness to humianise someone.

Thank you Neighbor!  Who ever you are.

The Rat exterminators finally called my Dad because somebody tipped them off.

I’ve been trying to find a way to get some help but didn’t know how to approach them without getting the media involved.

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in many years. I stay awake to check the rats didn’t bite my toes.

I’m so pass disgusted, embarrassed, ashamed that I’ve been having tiny stroke like paralysis that comes and goes.

No person should live like this.

Today my Dad asked one of his staff to douch the ceiling/attic with bleach. I have don’t know who and what gave him the impression that bleach kills rats.

I’m so exhausted of all the trauma, having to deal with constant theft, all the stupid things, all the immoral things, all the abuse, all the cheapness and avoidance of buying proper food and essentials for stuff that has no value. The mentally challenged not so close family that just kept throwing gas on a fire who I hope is at peace now, even if it’s because of watching concrete.

My sister asked me how I feel about my brother’s passing and I said I’m so traumatized that I feel nothing.

I didn’t want to speak about it because I didn’t want to offend his wife and kids with the things they don’t know but ,a few days before he died, he brought a friend who tried to feel me up. 

It was planned as my brother waited for him in the car.  Nothing happened because I’m not that kind of person.
I don’t get stimulated/aroused or horny as a old collegue use to say; by disrespectful people.  

Rather I get physically sick and sometimes I get tiny rashes and tremors, or I do things I don’t normally do, like when I held on to a collegue like a bullet proof vest. I hope he forgave me.  I tried to appoligize a few years later but didn’t go so well.

Not that I’m asexual. I’m just a one partner type of person, because of my attention span, brain function and interest.  By that I mean high intake of information from multiple senses all at once, that leads to quick sorting and analysis and quick identification of unsuitablity to form romantic relationships with certain people. 

Not because of rules or plans or choice or brain magic.

I am a highly passionate, affectionate and meticulous person, who is facinated by shapes and textures, that designs lingerie, can dance and have romantic taste in music and art that makes hearts melt.

That being said, it was only one of many incidents I had to deal with.

There are certain times in ones life where a person is faced with decision that will effect the rest of your life, such as in ride or die moments or get professional help for a rat infestation or spray them with bleach and have them breed multiply in uncontrollable colonies, put everyones life and health at risk, or when you have the money but choose to buy 1 chicken and 5 breads that you’ll only get 2-3 meals out of, instead of 4 Chickens, 1 bread and a bag of rice and a pkt of pulses where you could 6-8 meals out depending on how many mouths you feed.
Maybe it’s just me, but I would think now that times are so tough people would try to make the best out of a difficult situation.  

Yes I know there’s a lot of  political corruption, price fixing and market manipulation but in terms of life and death survival needs should be attended to immediately.  Sources and causes of suffering can be dealt with in due course.

Nobody ever truly gets away from the consequences of their actions. 

I also want to break down the manipulative media statements made by attorneys in attempt to prevent legal consequences against retail and other company owners for unlawful dismissal of employees and enforcing mandatory vaccinations that has still not been proven to be reasonably justified.

The point being a person who commits a crime should be held responsible. No Secondary compensation excuses the accuse of a crime.

Even if a road accident payout out the passenger victims of a accident, the person who caused the accident still has to be charged and judged via the legal system.

I feel sorry for the person who tries to manipulate me with BS!   The more suffering caused by BS the more ruthless and tough I’d be on such a person.

Jealousy in the workplace.

The most prominent thing I experienced working in a recreational facility, was negative energy from jealous and envious staff working at that facility. 

I found it so strange, because I worked in many places and have never come across such a dark and negative environment before.

I don’t know if it was because of racial or cultural differences or economic differences, but something was wrong with the environment at that facility and it effected everyone.

Every day one of the staff members would attack someone and attempt to degrade that person to boost their own ego.

This behaviour spiralled so out of control, that the atmosphere become dark and miserable.

Groups of people become disspondent and some made any excuse not to come to work or would come in late routinely.

And these negative people all claimed to be religious and believe in a God.

As far as I know The Lord, thy Holy Spirit does not support, approve or encourage jealousy and envy.

The very first two commandments state:

1) Love thy Lord.  There is only one Lord.

– Meaning nothing and nobody is, will or should be more superior than the Lord, thy GOD!

– When someone attempts to attack someone’s dignity via slander or degrading them, they are doing it with the intention to feel superior, thereby immediately demoting the Holy spirit of thy Lord.

Dignity is not a physical thing, but entwined with one’s spirtual energy, which comes from thy Lord.

2) Love thy neighbor like thy self.

– This means treat others the way you would want them to treat you.

– Whatever negative or positive actions, thoughts or words you speak against others will return to you. 

There is no denying or escaping that fact. No amount of money, prestige fame, religion, nothing can stop or prevent the return of energy because we are born from energy before we developed flesh.  We are spirtual energies covered in biological cells. 

Time allows people to delude themselves by thinking if nothing happens during the time frame they expect, then nothing will ever happen. The truth is energy has no time limit.

Conclusion: The first two commandments above are ancient guidelines that have been specifically aimed at jealousy and envy. Why do you think that the commandments against jealousy and envy was written before the commandment against murder?

If the Lord’s first commandments deals with jealousy and envy, then surely those two issues are the most serious offenses against thy Lord.  

Who can claim to be religious and GOD abiding, while offending GOD’s very first rules?

There are also people who do not believe in GOD, but they are not exempt from those commandments either, despite their beliefs.  

However, I rarely come across self proclaimed non believers who directly and intentionally conflict with the Lord’s commandments.  They are often more abiding than not.

Just something to think about. 

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